Presentation Submission

Deadline for submitting presentation videos and short bio of presenter is October 1st.

The authors can choose to prepare elevator pitches of 5 minutes or full presentations of ~20 minutes. Question and answers will be possible due to a commenting system on our webpage.

When you submit the files, please rename them as follow:

  • PaperID_NamePresenter_Presentation.mp4
  • PaperID_NamePresenter_Bio.txt

Please provide the video with following constraints:

  • mp4 file type
  • aspect ratio 16:9 preferred over 4:3
  • maximum resolution 720p (1280×720 pixel)
  • file size must be lower than 500 MB

We will provide you an private upload link for the video via email. Please send your bio via the this link and indicate if you’re interested in a hosting of your video on the MEMSYS YouTube channel.