Deadline for submitting presentation videos and short bio of presenter is October 1st.

Due to international travel restrictions, as well as domestic limitations, MEMSYS 2020 will not be held as a physical meeting. Instead, we will be posting author presentations on-line. The papers will be published as normal, with a 2020 date, and the registration site is only for authors to pay the publication fee.

Memory-device manufacturing, memory-architecture design, and the use of memory technologies by application software all profoundly impact today’s and tomorrow’s computing systems, in terms of their performance, function, reliability, predictability, power dissipation, and cost. Existing memory technologies are seen as limiting in terms of power, capacity, and bandwidth. Emerging memory technologies offer the potential to overcome both technology- and design-related limitations to answer the requirements of many different applications. Our goal is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and others interested in this exciting and rapidly evolving field, to update each other on the latest state of the art, to exchange ideas, and to discuss future challenges. Visit memsys.io for more information.